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Watercress Extract Nappy Cream

Watercress Extract Nappy Cream is a breathable and easy to apply barrier cream that helps keep your little ones bottoms happy and protected from the causes of nappy rash.

It is natural, vegan and the only 100% plant based product on the market.


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Powered by Nature. Backed by Science.

This novel formula which is suitable for all skin types is backed by science and powered by plants. The naturally occurring enzymes which are found in the watercress plant are strong inhibitors of the urease enzyme. Urease is found in conditions where urea is present which includes in conditions such as nappy rash and Incontinence Associated Dermatitus (IAD), which involve stale urine damaging the skin.

The enzymes present in watercress extract stop and block the harmful urease enzyme from damaging skin in these conditions, and is the only natural occurring plant formula made solely from watercress to help nappy rash and Incontinence associated dermatitis. 

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