Amino Acids

There are 20 amino acids and 9 of these are essential amino acids. Watercress Protein-Fibre is very high in essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein in our bodies. Essential amino acids can’t be made in the gut and therefore you have to have them in your diet for protein synthesis.

Typically essential amino acids are found more commonly in animal proteins (meat, eggs, milk). Our Watercress Protein-Fibre can supplement a diet with more essential amino acids than other common plant proteins, meaning it is a good solution for those with plant based diets. See the table for more information.

When looking at plant sources of amino acids, it is clear that watercress has significant benefits when it comes to amino acids.

Comparatively, watercress has high levels of Histadine, an amino acid which is a precursor of histamine, a compound released by the immune system during an allergic reaction. The essential amino acid Leucine is needed for protein synthesis. Watercress has the highest amounts of Leucine compared with other common plants in the table above including lettuce, quinoa, soya beans, wheat and oats. The amino acid Threonine, helps keep connective tissues and muscles throughout the body strong and elastic. It also helps build strong bones and tooth enamel, and may speed wound healing or recovery from injury. Watercress has 0.4% more Threonine than the next closest plant, lettuce and 3.2% more than wheat!