New investment in Watercress Research Ltd by QantX!

Watercress Research are excited to announce a successful fundraise in association with QantX, a leading South West based venture capitalist firm. The QantX team chose to fund Watercress Research Ltd due to the pioneering and novel research on the phytochemistry of the watercress plant (Nasturtium Officinale). The funding will primarily be used to build a bespoke watercress processing facility to open up a product portfolio spanning cosmetics, food & drink and even pharmaceuticals.

Following 5 years of rigorous testing, research and collaborations with national and international organisations, we are pleased to be able to present to QantX our exciting start-up and clear aspirations for the future.

QantX bring with them an impressive group of successful leaders to help guide Watercress Research through the months and years ahead and provide executive decision making experience.

We are delighted to get started on our journey with QantX. We hope to secure our new Exeter-based premises by the end of November 2022 and recently welcomed our second employee covering operations and marketing to drive early adoption of our products in the commercial sector. We are in the advanced planning and execution stage of building our bespoke premises and by January 2023 we aim to have this commissioned with contracts secured. Keep an eye out for regular updates from the WRL team!